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Pinetop Community Association Pinetop Community Association

Select "Board and Committees" on left pane of the website for the 2018-2019 Officers and Directors.

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers broken down into categories.  The categories are listed in alphabetical order.

Authentication Failed
  • What do I do when I get the message "Authentication Failed"?
    The password may be the problem.  Enter your username,   leave the Password space empty and select "Forgot Password".   
    If the username is correct the message "Your login in details have been emailed to you." will appear above the Login box.
    If the "Authentication failed" appears again the username does not match the username on file.   Select Contact Us on the left  and fill-in the blanks selecting webmaster to received your request.

Building Permits
  • Is a building permit required?
    No building, fence, wall, antenna, broadcasting tower or other structure shall be commenced, erected, maintained or remodeled until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, color, height, material, floor plans, location and approximate cost of such structure shall have been submitted to and approved by the Association and a copy thereof, as finally approved, lodged permanently with said Association.
    All subsequent additions to or changes or alterations, including but not limited to painting of exterior surfaces of any building, fence, wall or other structure, shall be subject to the prior approval of the Association.
    As specified in the CCRs an approved NO Cost permit and inspection is required prior to making modifications to a structure or new construction on a parcel within the Pinetop Community Association. An Inspector will make a visit to your property to make sure that your plans are within the CC&R regulations, setbacks and the alignments with the property line are acceptable. There is no fee for the permit.
    You may also need a Navajo County Permit that can be obtained at their Show Low office, 928-532-6040 or online.
  • What is a STRUCTURE?
    Definition of STRUCTURE (Black's Law Dictionary) 
    A framework or construction with elements identifiable giving stability and form and able to resist strains and stresses.

    Structures include but are not limited to: buildings, sheds, fences, walls, towers, antennas, play sets and trampolines.

Can not Logon
  • I am a Member of the Association how do I Logon to the website?
    All members received Logon information in the "Website 2013" attachment (click here to open) in the September newsletter. Members who received the newsletter via email should use that email address as the Logon/username.  The password is included in the attachment.
    In the event you are in the process of purchasing a property within the Association please make sure you provide your email address as part of the Close of Escrow(COE) process.  PCA uses the escrow paperwork to establish a new owner/member account. The email address is used to pre-register your online access account. The new member pre-registration process will be completed after we have received the COE paperwork and the transfer fee. New members receive website Logon information as part of the PCA New Member Welcome Kit which is sent via USPS mail.
  • I am a Member of the Association but I still can not complete the Logon.
    Use the Contact Us selection on the left to contact the Webmaster regarding your issue and we will assist you in completing the Logon.  Before doing this please check that the username you are attempting to Logon with matches the email address we have used to communicate with you.  The email address is your username.

Dues Invoice
  • Why am I getting an Annual Dues Invoice if the Balance Due is zero?
    Every Association parcel identified with a Parcel Tax ID is sent an annual dues invoice.  Some members own adjacent parcels which they have appropriately titled to qualify for the "Adjacent Property" stipulation. The CCRs states that adjacent, shared boundary parcels owned by the same entity shall be treated as a single property when it applies to the payment of dues.  One parcel in the group "pays" the dues and the adjacent parcel(s) is(are) billed with a zero Balance Due.  Adjacent parcels which pay no dues do NOT have a vote at an annual or special meeting.

Forgot username and/or password
  • What is my password? I know my username.
    Go to the website Home page and select Logon at the upper left.  Enter your username(the email address your are registered with) and then select "Forgot Password".  Your password will be emailed to you.
    In the event you are not using the correct email address.  There will be a message "No Match for email address or password".   Use the Contact Us selection to send an email  to the Webmaster regarding your issue and you will get a response via email.
  • What is my username and also I do not know my password?
    Members owning a single parcel in the Association
    If you own a single parcel in the Association and you have provided an email address to PCA then you have been pre-registered and your email address was specified as your "username".
    In the event you want to change to a different email address use the Contact Us selection on the left of the webpage and let our webmaster know of the change you would like to make.
    If you have forgotten you password, Go to the Logon selection on the website and enter the username.   Click on the "Forgot Password" phrase at the bottom of Logon page and your password will be emailed to you.  In the event the email address you have entered is not in our database your will get the message "Unable to send login instructions. Contact Pinetop Community Association for assistance."
    More options

Members without email/internet access
  • What if I do not have or use a computer but would like a member of my family to access my property information at on my behalf?
    Contact us in writing with your request and we will provide the details for you and your designated representative.

New Member Logon
  • We are purchasing a property in the Association how do I get access to the Member portion of the website?
    In the event you are in the process of purchasing a property within the Association please make sure you provide your email address as part of the Close of Escrow(COE) process.  PCA uses the escrow paperwork to establish a new owner/member account. The email address is used to pre-register your online access account. The new member pre-registration process will be completed after we have received the COE paperwork and the transfer fee. New members receive website Logon information as part of the PCA New Member Welcome Kit which is sent via USPS mail.

Parcel Tax ID number
  • What is the Parcel Tax ID for my parcel?
    The Parcel Tax ID number is included in the Your Profile selection on the website.  Also see the "Our Location Maps" page,
  • Why is the Parcel Tax ID number part of the information in the "Your Profile"?
    The Parcel Tax ID number is a unique public domain number assigned and used by the county to reference property parcel descriptions which include maps and ownership details. The Association utilizes the maps and ownership information to help maintain our records.

Pinetop Community Association
  • Do I have to be a member of the Association?
    Yes - Each property owner agrees that by the acceptance of the contract of purchase or a deed to any lot within said tract that he will become a member of the non-profit association to be known as Pinetop Community Association (herein generally referred to as the "Association") to be formed by the purchasers of the lots, their successors in interest, or the declarants, and entitled to one vote for each lot owned. Said Association shall have the primary purpose of administration of these restrictions and the general maintenance of the property for the benefit of the purchasers. Each property owner shall obey the rules and regulations of the Association, and by the acceptance of contract of purchase or of a deed to any lot, said purchaser does agree to pay any dues imposed by the Association.....
  • Does the Association have setback requirements?
    For Units 1,2 and 22 - No building, structure, mobile home, addition or accessory shall be located on any lot or parcel of land nearer than: (a) ten feet from the front lot line; (b) six feet from the rear lot line; and (c) five feet from any side lot line.
    For Units 3,4 and 5 - No structure shall be erected on any lot within 20 feet of the front line of said lot, or within 15 feet of either side line or rear lot line of said lot; provided, however, that the setback requirements herein provided may be amended or modified by the Pinetop Community Association upon written application by any owner, wherein the Association is of the opinion that the setback requirements would work an undue hardship, or where a variation thereof would be in the best interest of the lot owner and subdivision as a whole.

Subdivision Name/PCA Unit
  • What are the subdivision names of the units in the Pinetop Community Association (PCA)?
    Subdivision names, Tax Parcel ID numbers and street addresses are documented on the "Our Location Map" page

Unit and/or lot number
  • Member Questions: What Unit am I in? What is my lot number? What is my Parcel Tax Number ID?
    After completing the Logon  (enter both Username & Password) your Unit Number, Lot Number and Parcel Tax Number ID appear on the "Your Profile" page.

Website 2013 FAQ
  • I am a PCA property owner (Association member) and in the past PCA did not have my email address. I understand that my email address is my username. What do I need to do to provide my email address?
    Anyone who goes to is able to use the Contact Us page. Use it to let
    us know how we can help. Alternatively you can call us at 928-369-2410 and leave a message.
  • I own a non-adjacent undeveloped lot in PCA, is it going to be listed in the Member Directory?
  • I own the lot adjacent to the one where I live, why do I get an email (or other correspondence) about it?
    We maintain records for all properties in the Association. Our new system is based on a valid property address as maintained by the Navajo County Assessor.
  • I will never have a computer or email address. What is the PCA plan to keep me informed in the same way they are using the website and doing mass emailings to the membership?
    Members who do NOT have email or who have requested paper copies of the newsletter and other mass emailing to the membership will receive a hardcopy of the communication via USPS mail. Requests for paper copies will be re-confirmed annually when dues are paid.
  • What does it mean to be pre-registered at ?
    We uploaded the member information that appears on the Your Profile page. The Navajo County Property Information Map was used to obtain the property ownership information for the Association. Ownership information (trust, LLC, etc.) and the tax parcel identification has been added to our Master Roster database. We are transitioning to the county system in order to maintain lot line boundary maps and official 911 street addressing.
    Please make sure your  house number is visible from the street.
  • Who sees the on-line Member Directory?
    Only registered members of the Association.
  • Why did my spouse/significant other get registered and I did not, both of our names are on the title?
    We only registered one owner of each property. In most cases it was the first listed name on the county system. When we could use the on-file email address and match it to an owner that owner/email combination was used.
  • Will my name and Pinetop address appear in the online Member Directory if PCA does not have an email address for me?
  • I still have questions that are not answered by the Website 2013 FAQs. What should I do?.
    • Call us at 928-369-2410 and leave a message for the clerk. Messages are retrieved in the AM on Monday through Friday.
    • Send a letter to PCA, P.O. Box 249, Pinetop, AZ 85935.
    • Use the Contact Us selection in the Navigation pane on the left side of any webpage.
    • Send an email to the President, clerk or webmaster from the Contact Us selection.

Wildfire Hazardouw Fuels Reduction Grant

Yard Cleanup, Landscape & Tree Services
  • I need someone to do needle raking, landscaping, tree service or other outside maintenance?
    PCA Independent Contractor List

    The following are independent contractors, the Association does not guarantee their work, we are not liable for any damage or injury, nor are we responsible for the finished product.
    These contractors have completed the Association' s Independent Contractor Form.
    Company Name Last Name First Name Phone Phone email
    Quality Lawn Service Bencomo Manuelito 928-594-5373 928-245-9856
    Rogelio's Yard Cleaning Zubia Rogelio 928-205-2667    
    Soto's Company
    Alfredo 928-528-1028    
    GET-ER DONE RIGHT Gaspar Michael 928-205-0415